At Fox Behavior Group, we provide individualized programming specially and uniquely created for each child we treat.

Fox Behavior Group specializes in the verbal behavior approach, which promotes the practice of increasing language, social and functional living skills to reduce problematic behaviors.

Verbal behavior therapy is based on the research by behaviorist B.F. Skinner. Skinner’s theory focuses on teaching a person why we use language – that is, how different words are used for different functions. Whether a child is requesting an object, answering a question or repeating a word, Skinner reinforces the idea that communicating can be associated with positive rewards.

By prompting a child to communicate and then providing an instant reinforcement, the child is able to relate using language to getting what he or she wants. Verbal behavior is used for children at all sorts of different levels; a verbal behavior program can begin by simply rewarding a child who points to what he or she wants.

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