Your child was just diagnosed with autism. Now what?

At Fox Behavior Group, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate this process. We understand that the world of ABA therapy, appointments, diagnoses and insurance can be confusing and hard. We want to help you get the therapy your child needs and deserves.

Prior to our first meeting, we’ll need a little bit of information from you – where you live, how old your child is and what kind of insurance coverage you have – to ensure we’d be the best fit for your family.

Once the details are confirmed, we usually set a meeting with our consultants, Lydia Fox and Carrie Bischoff, to learn more about your family and your child. Once you’ve decided that you want to work with Fox Behavior Group (hooray!), we’ll have another meeting to go over initial paperwork and do a quick assessment of your child. This meeting is when we’ll determine the schedule and team for your child’s program and talk about what kind of goals you have for your child. Using that information, your consultant will then start putting together interventions and strategies for accomplishing your goals and creating your child’s treatment plan. Then, once we obtain authorization from the appropriate parties, we’re able to start services.

Because every situation is different, this process varies from client to client. But we can promise you one thing: we will help you get what your child needs and deserves. We know this can be an intimidating, scary and time-consuming process. At Fox Behavior Group, we want to walk through each step of this process with you – from answering questions to creating a perfectly suited ABA therapy program for your child.